Jena's Rants
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2001-05-25 14:11:25 (UTC)

I have accomplished more than most without the use of my brain........

Hello! So I have accomplished my goals and in the process
I saved myself from a hellish day in Corporate America.
Yeah! Don't you love it when it works for you on all sides
of Rubic(?Spell) Cube?! Wednesday night I saw K...., oh do
I really have to list my reasons for not giving out the
names of my friends again???, good! Let's call this very
strange but extremely groovey friend of mine - Tattooed
Genius. Anywho, King Herbage and I, along with The Ex Man
(ughh..) went to Tattoed Genuius' house and uh, visited.
It was so cool to see him b/c I have tried on several other
occasions to see him and he was not home. So, my
suspicions were correct and Amanda did leave him (i think
she is a tard so i don't care if you know who she is). So
Amanda leaving the Tattoed Genius is cool but not cool.
See, they have known that it was over for a while and
didn't know if they needed space or what, but we now know
how shallow Amanda is b/c she chose to keep secret secrets
in order to obtain a ticket to the coveted Jazz Fest from
the Tattoed Genius, (how low will she go????). Oh and some
amazing fucking news that I could barely believe, that same
night, and really only minutes after we had left Mr.
Rampant Philosophies house (no one answered) had two/three?
blackmen (no offense - but this is how it all went down)
knocked on the door of his house when they stuck a gun in
his father's face (very cool dude to be referred to as Don
Corlion) and commenced in the robbery of their home - they
tied them up and everything. The funniest part is that the
only stole Mr. Rampant Philosophies' brother's belongings,
which is so cool b/c he is soooooooo materialistic and this
can only be good for his process of disattachment. So very
glad that I will be seeing Hopinononefoot tonight, I have
missed him ever so much. I will also be seeing his brother
tonight, we will call him Jedi Jethro - b/c from what I
gather he is quite intelligent and skilled in the making of
Cowpunk (some kinda music I will most likely be exposed to
this evening) but he dresses like a hick and has a brethern
beard. Ha ha! This is going to be a very interesting