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2001-05-25 14:04:00 (UTC)

Life and its weird

Today has actually been going alright. Last night was even
better..i was on the internet andf i was talking to a
million ppl ...i was online till about 12..1 in the morning
because there wasnt anything else to ..i just talked
to everyone. Anyways..i had some pretty interesting
conversations it was kinda fun. The ppl i know are so weird
sometimes. But definetly funny. I had the weirdest dream
last night..i had a dream that i cheated on Jake and he
found out about it. And that alll his friends like todally
hated me for it.NOne of them would tlak to me anymore. Iwas
like whoo this dream is messed up. The whole time that
dream was goin on i kept i wish this was a
dream..adn whne i woke was. !!!!...SO i was pretty
relieved as retarded as all that sounds.
We dont go to school monday ..YEAH YEAH YEAH !!!..Then
after that i only have like a week of school left..Which
isnt sounding to bad as of now.. I was suppose to go to
Andreas tonight..cause she was gonna have this movie thing
over at staceys house.but i guess i cant now cause my mom
is gay..and she is gonna make me work. FUN FUN FUN.
Yeah i get towork with her tonight..YEAH ME..not.
anyhow...holly and i are at least on speaking terms as of
now. I dunno really what to call us. Not really to sure if
we are friends again or what.?
Its kinda hard telling with her.
I talked to jordan forever last night ..hhahe is so laid
back...its kinda interesting...and no i am not talking
about Jordan Hess....some other new Jordan. He goes to
Lincoln to..only thing is that hes a sophmore . Yeah we
agree alot about stuff..its actually pretty simple talking
to him. Hes like a nicer version of Gurchieck. I think that
it is funny. Oh well..yeah GUrchieck is all mad at
me..cause i dont like Bobes stupid is that?
Pretty stupid..
Right now i am sitting next to jason.adn clint in
class..Man they crack me up,andlike other guys they are
making fun of me right for me NOT!..They are
always saying stupid sexual crap. Makes no difference to me
though. Clint and Jason...are just Clint and Jason. Going
to work tonight is really gonan suck..cause i wanted to go
to Graduation really bad...graduation for lincoln that is.
BUt i guess i am not going now. But oh well...but i have to
go to sk's graduation next friday..cause choir is gonna
sing. Atleast i wont have to be there forever..not to
mentioni can get some new dress to wear i look
al "snazzy"
hahaha..OH WELL.....this weekend is gonnabe kinda
boring!!!! CAuse all i ever do i sowrk.buti guess this will
be the one of the first times i have worked ina
while ..worked the whole full weekend. Man ijust remembered
i have a spanish final today.that is really gonna suck bad.
Especially sence it was pretty funny yesterday hwo everyone
was cheating..that was great..well better get goin ...later