2002-04-14 00:33:36 (UTC)

It's been awhile since I had a Great Day!

Friday, April 12, 2002
Feeling: Happy, Bliss
Song Playin: Outcast - The whole world

Roy is here today. Yhay! Welps I was nonsuited today and
so was Alexis. Every 1 ran today but nonsuiters. Our frends
all ran da mile, Alexis and I jes talked all period. It's so
funny, we laughed so much about our subject. Well Roy looked
really hot today!! I jes lyke da way he dresses…hell yea! In
math class, wen I walked in… I had a feeling that I'm gunna
fail da test even though I studied last nite. But the test
turned out 2 b easy and I was confident and comfortable the
whole time fer da 1st time. Probly b/cuz wen Mr.Watson
handed me da test he says "Don't b afraid 2 succeed" and I
was smiling b/cuz I usually fail all da test and only pasted
1 throughout da semester. Dang, Mariam is such an A$$
today!! She freakin gets on mah fukkin nerves now. She
wanted 2 b mah partner for a class assignment and I ended up
doin all da work (as usual) and I even present it out cuz
she got nerves. Well n e wayz in 5th period Spanish today,
we had a quiz w/30 questions and I got 29/out of 30 wich is
an A 97%. Adrian did pretty good too he got an A 94%. Gosh
Mrs.Gonzales class is so freakin boring today…wait, its
boring everyday!! I really hate dat class. I talked 2
Jonathan today, I think today's da 1st day I ever opened up
2 him. Cuz usually I didn't lyke him back den cuz…iono most
people jes don't. But I wasn't being judgmental bout it or n
e thing. I jes wanted 2 open myself up 2 him at least 1%.
Mah ol self wouldn't wanna open up 2 him at all. But I feel
lyke theres a lot in him then wut people say or wut mah
frends say bout him. Cuz I sorta lyke him as a frend now.
Betta tah have him as a close frend then nuttin. And fer
once I jes wanna ferget bout wut people say about other
people. I was listening 2 his walkman today to "Whats Luv"
(hell yea…dats mah song rite dere) (Roy is Luv…hehe) Van was
listenin 2 the other head phone and she kept telling me 2
move in 'closer' and so I did. Then she said 'closer' again
and I did and then she told me 2 move in 'closer' Again. Cuz
Jonathan was in between us and Im jes movin 'closer'. And I
don't even know y he kept on laughin and so did Nhi and
Mallory. I had 2 wait till after class, Nhi and Mallory said
that he kept on starin at me and he smelt mah hair and
stuff.. I was lyke blushin inside wen Van told me 2 move in
'closer', cuz I didn't wanna b THAT close 2 him.. since mah
frends always tells me dat he likes me Im lyke "Heck" fer
once jes go w/da flow and so I did. The onlee reason y I
didn't really liked him back den was b/cuz he stares at me
too much and I jes hate it wen people stare. But I guess Im
kinda use 2 it now.

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