2002-04-14 00:32:12 (UTC)

Without him my days are boring

Thursday, April 11, 2002
Feeling: bored, sedated
Song playin: Incubus - I miss you

We had a sub for 1st period today. SO mah friends and I
didn't even play softball today. We all jes sat down on da
bench & chit chat. Alexis and I got a tour 2 da attendance
to turn in the attendance sheet. The sub got no scantron
thingy dis mourning so he told us to write down everybody's
name and mark people who r not here. I jes found out dat
Roy's real name is Kenny! Hehe. Cuz wen Alexis and I went 2
turn in da sheet 2 da attendance it says Kenny Edmunds. But
they jes call him Roy. Well n e wayz, Alexis and I kept on
waitin in da office 4ever for the attendance sheet but the
people in there jes kept on talking 2 each other and neva
gave us one. Said sumthin bout a gurl name Mika sent it in
already. So we left. We wanted 2 stay there fer da whole
period but then we were in our P.E uniforms so we had 2
change anyways. In English class, I got so freakin tired and
mah head hurts. I put mah head down most of da period. Maybe
I gotta stop thinking bout Roy so much. Hehe lolz. At lunch,
Rodolfo was talking bout how 'Vien Doung' is a dirty store
and has rats in it and stuff,. Bisy and I were lyke "R u
tryin 2 say Asian people r dirty" He was lyke "Naw…im jes
sayin dat their floors r very dirty. We were lyke who
cares…its jes da floor. And he said that Food 4 Less and
Vons were lyke clean and even their floors were clean. Then
I said "But dats a white people store" and they were lyke
laughin. But its all good, we all aren't racist. We were jes
jokin around, no hard feelings! (I miss Roy so much today
and yesturday too. Dammit where da hell is he?? Y is it dat
every minute every hour I jes cant get him out of mah mind
no matter how hard I try…I guess its jes a Crush and I miss

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