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2002-04-14 00:30:51 (UTC)

One Step Closer

Wednesday, April 10, 2002
Feeling: pissed off
Song Playin: Adema - the way you like it

Can mah day b n e worst? Well n e ways, it all started
w/1st period which we all were suppose 2 remember our teams
4rm yesturday. Luckily, I remembered Roy (mah hottie). But
unfortunately, he aint here today, so I was stuck w/all da
sucky people. Wen I was up @ bat, I striked da 1st one b/c
gosh Ben is a horrible pitcher!! FUKK! Every 1 in our team
says he pitches too high & shitt. So da 2nd time he pitches
I hit it but not far as I usually hit it. I was looking &
waitin 2 c where da ball is gunna go & I started runnin to
1st base & I hear dis 1 gurl say "Runnn mutha fukkR!" I was
lyke o hell no she didn't jes say dat 'bytch u don't know
me..don't b fukkin cusing at me.. Shit,' I say. I know who
said it but I fukkin don't even know HER and she b hatin.
Fukkin racist ASS bytch! I mean friends would usually
describe me as sweet, innocent, nice, benevolent,caring…etc
but dis shitho don't even know Me. So fukk dat shit, I aint
gon care 'bout wut she says or thinks about me…cuz she don't
even fukkin know me! Dat bytch makes me Mad. I aint racist
at all, shes da 1 dat hates Asians, I neva even seen her
hang out w/one. I mean fukk…she even talks about her friends
bhind their back & b mean 2 their face. Trust me I've seen
her actions!! Since I 1st came here 2 khop she gotta b
playa hatin me. She b lyke "Get da fukk away 4rm me," wen we
played football in da past & I was nowhere near her. Bytch
jes thinks shes all hard by cusing out loud fer nuttin! And
during passing period she b lyke walkin bhind me & yells
"Stop creating traffic" Mah friends walkin w/me were lyke
wtf.. I don't even know y I tried 2 b nice 2 her in da 1st
place, o wait.. dats jes who I am. Wenever da shit ho cuses
at me, I don't live ashamed, 'cause feelings change but fame
remains b/c I DON'T CARE wut people think of me (life is too
short for dat) and plus its judgmental and they aint ever
gon b rite unless they know the real u! I can't believe that
she would think that shit of me, its b/c she's racist & its
even obvious too … way OBVIOUS. She'd realize that she were
just about as bad as me cuz no 1 wants 2 fukk w/me cuz if
they do I aint neva gon let them get away w/it. I know dat
My life has changed but fuck the fame, I'll stay the same!
She jes betta learn how 2 Appreciate, don't Player hate,
and Congratulate me.

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