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2002-04-14 00:28:56 (UTC)

Every minute,Every Hour

Tuesday, April 9, 2002
Feeling: love,self-conscious
Song Playin: Kylie Minogue - Cant get you out of my head

Ooohhhwee! Roy is on mah team for softball today. I had
fun and mah team was all good doin their thang. Roy is so
funny (and hot). He threw his glove at the ball while it was
travelin da field. He is a very good pitcher...unlike Ben
who sucks at pitchin. Thanks to Roy I hit a Home!! Hell
yea...he hitted a home too. Tyte Tyte! Wen Ben was pitchin
fo me.. Roy was lyke "Jus throw the bat at him" but i got a
strike out, I mean I hit da ball but it keeps goin foul.
Fukk dat shit den!!! Roy was lyke "Dats fair" & every1's all
laughin. N E wayz Roy & Ronald were lyke playin sword fight
w/da bat today. I like Roy?Is he mah pretty boy??
Iono...its been quit a while since i had a crush on some
one. Lyke Wes for example I stopped liking him cuz he became
a pot head and all mah frendz were tellin me to 'stay away
4rm him' Welps, it took me VERY LONG to get over Wes b/c I
liked him wich wut seems lyke 4ever!! I even wanted him 2 b
mah pretty boy! So n e wayz, Anna, Maria and them thinks im
'Crazy' for Roy. They think i should hurry up and hook up
w/him!. Ever since I came 4rm 'MADISON' Roy's always lookin
at me and smiling at me 24/7, I could c him even at the
corner of mah eyes...lyke he never lays his eyes off me,
untill i noticed and im like ...wuts his prob?cuz at the
moment i missed all mah frendz at Madison & mah BF. Untill
then i started to hang out w/him and I started liking him,
cuz he always makes me smile and laugh. I kept on thinking
bout Roy all day today...I mean all day long, he wouldnt
even leave mah mind for 1 second. Well so I guess dat
answers yer question. 'I LIKE ROY'

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