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2002-04-13 23:57:34 (UTC)

Bored as hell

Ok well Im so totally confused that Im about to
explode!!! I like this guy and well I thought he liked me
but he basically told me the other day that it was just
harmless flirting. So I was like ok the self-esteem I did
have, which wasnt much has been moved down to the
NO LONGER EXISTENCE!!! Damn it all to hell. well
then I told this guy that I hung out with jeff last night and
he was like " I thought you liked me?" and I said " I do"
and then he said " well there's guy just popping up
everywhere". but really there's not jeff lives in Utah and
after tuesday I probably wont see him again. But that's
not even the point. This guy told me it was harmless
flirting and then he is worried about other guys?? WHAT
THE HELL!!! I wish he would just tell me if Im wasting
my time liking him or not because if I am I will stop. Like
I said Im rather confused about this and it probably
wont get cleared up for like another month. I try not to
think about it and as soon as I do he says something
that is totally confusing from what he said from the night
before. Oh well Im sure one of these days I'll find guy
thats right for me but who knows by the rate things are
going now it wont happen. Im out!!!

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