Queen Bee

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2002-04-13 23:02:23 (UTC)

bad day.

i am having a bad day. probably because my parents made
me feel like the biggest bonehead today. i really hate it
here. its like they keep explaining to me that i need to
finsih school and im going to finish school. I know that
they care for me. and they keep complaining about me and
b/f. i have no idea if they know we're having sex or not
and i really dont care its ny decision but its like the
second i find someone i love and am happy with something or
someone has to get all pissy or something has to go wrong.
they have no problem with him but they have a prob with him
but they kinda have a prob with him staying over all the
time but he just really needs to get out of his house and
away form his mother, who i just found out she like loves
me its my mom she doesnt like which is really kind of
weird. well my mood has lifted cuz i jsut talked to Raven
so yeah. must go now. love you all.

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