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2002-04-13 22:59:49 (UTC)

IM BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well its been awhile. i had a new diary but now its stupid
so im back here. well the last timei wrote,it was january.
so the next thing that hapend was date dance. i went with
jared and we had fun. it was nice to dance with him and we
went to ciffton hill afteward. we dont really talk much ne
more though so i dont think we are friends anymore.
three weeks ago i went camping with my friends. we had
so much fun. we went shopping and stuf like that. we drank
a lot. i got reall drunk the secod nigt we were there b i
was pissed off and then i took my prozac- so passed out,
said dumb things, laughed, cried, and of course puked. but
then i was ok. bu i dont tink i will be drinking ne time
soon bc everytime even smell vodka i start gagging. lol.
oh yeah i forgot- i came out, i told maggie that i am
bi- so her, cathrine, lu, and a few others know.
yesterda was my birthday. i went out with maggie and
jackie to canada. we went to niagra fals and had dinner at
plet hollywood and walked around cliffton hill. then we
went to my house to sleep and maggie had sex with jackie
while she thought i was sleeping. ON THE SAME COUCH. i
didnt know what to do and i felt stupid. im kind pissed
about it. then today i went to open house at buff state.
then i went to tullys with my family to celabrate m brthday
again. tonight i am supposed togoto some drag bar called
marchellas but i think i am going to stay home.

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