Nick's Journal
2002-04-13 22:38:01 (UTC)


So it's not like my faith in humanity is that great anyhow
but I'm starting to get pissed at it at a personal level.
Constant aggression and constant hostility. What the fuck
is wrong with us?
What the fuck is wrong with us?
The Middle East?
We fucked that up good. Bottom line as either Machiavelli
or Sun Tzu said (i can't remember which one) you can take
a lot from a man but don't take his LAND. and that's
exactly what we did to the palestinians. we took it.
drove them out, to make way for the jews. ever since
then......well. what can we do now? take away the land
form the palestinians? the jews? neither.
instead they blow each other to pieces and people fight so
vehemently for one side or the other. or for the neutral
side. but that side isn't going to happen. now don't get
me wrong i hate anti-war protestors as much as you, but i
think that there are "just" wars. i'm not extreme. but i
just can't stand all this killing. it goes nowhere really.
but keep on fighting you fuckers i'm sure you have
your "glorious" reasons.
anyhow back to the topic of me.
i've just witnessed such hostility over the past days.
and here comes the hypocratic part. I WAS the aggressor
in one (well not really but sorta). my friends and i went
out looking for a fight. well technically, i went out to
look for a chicken sandwhich (beer munchies) and they
chastized everyone around. i don't look down on them for
doing it. i look down on myself, but not too much. i
mean i must admit i felt like i was cool as all hell, so
i'm not going to give a placebo apology. it was fun.
for every dumbass frat guy. for every drunk college
student. go out and aggress. have fun. but next time
i'm gonna break your fucking knee caps.