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2002-04-13 21:49:06 (UTC)

Hi Ya

I have some things to say & I wanna get 'em straight pretty
soon -& don't get me wrong, i am not mad-.
I am not anyone's gurlfriend. NO ONE but Jesus claims me as
His own.. I do not belong to anyone.. My feelings toward
someONE are here, yes, but that does not mean everyone has
to always fight over me.. okay.. I KNOW THAT DOES
sound conceited.. & really bad, too.. but if it were
happening to you.. well I dunno.. i dunno how to word it
right now. HOW WOULD YOU word it!? Aghhh... ANYWAYZ...
I have probably never been better off in my life. Always
when I hear people say things like that... it makes me
lower my head and feel really sad because I want that.. but
guys listen.. you should have it, too.. I have found that
happiness only in Jesus Christ..Lord Y'shua (Hebrew for
Jesus). HE IS the
no more no less.. weeeeeeeeeeeell.. more..hehehe.. HE IS
Well, praise be to God.. i passed the GED test.. i DO have
to take the mathematics again.. i missed it by 10 points. I
took the GED test to see how i am doing according to the
world (I'm homeschooled and a i sound so
stuck up!). The math test is in 6 weeks. Thatis when
Jacob will be taking the whole test. He missed it this
last time. We DID study a few nights together.. but it
didn't go so well cause we would just talk.. and we are
both embarrassed to do math with other people around! Maybe
we will study soon. Jacob's grandDad died.. i feel sooo bad
for their whole family. Jacob's paprents just left f or
Isreal. Ya'll pray for em.. it is so dangerous there. I
think that another bomb went off yesterday or the day
before.. like 6 were killed or injured.. Lord, forgive
us...Ha, Mom just told Jessica to call Jacob! funny.We
gotta make sure that they are doing good food wise and
stuff.. and my familyand the Oglesby's are finishing the
last part of ANNE OF GREEN GABLES, up tonight-oh, brother-
.I tried having a movie night Thursday night so we could
fellowship with Wayne and Josh before the weekend, but Dad
said no.
Wayne Jr., Josh, Mr. Wayne and other guys are gone now...
to camp out... that's really kool. Hope they catch me some
catfish.. YUM:)! But AW:(! lol Wayne came to my work to see
me, Friday.. before he had to leave for his camping trip.
He is a gentleman. I am glad he called a head to see if
it was okay. It was good to see him.. and get to say bye..
he is a best friend.
Sarah is listening to her headphones.. ofcourse i can hear
every word.. i'm praying for her ears! ha!!! agh..she is
eating LIMON lays... aaaaahh *tart tart tart!*
Kelsey is staying tonight.. i PRAY MUCHO for peace
tonight.. you know how slumber parties can get. Natalie and
Melissa DID do pretty well last night. I just slept on the
couch.. i didn't even really make much of a bed up.. had
soo much on my mind..
Last night i attended an intercessory prayer meeting.. and
God gave me what i have been praying for all my life.. i
will continue to pray for it.. THANK YOU FOREVER, JESUS!
Today we went to the mountains for my sisters' homeschooled
fashion show. Each gurl had to make theirown dress and
model it. I got to do a prelude and background music.. it
was sweet... odd -no offense- but sweet.. I couldn't r
eally be myself that much.. an di'm sure they think i'm
justsome rebel gurl.. esp. with my clothes up to theirs,
lol, but ahh wellz.. i tried...Well... i guess i will let
you go.. there's really so much to tell and i've actually
edited a lot.
Let me know how you are, everyone who actually reads this.
God is coming back soon.. get prepared now.. go and be
blessed... let Him save you..




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