Xx Meghans Diary xX
2002-04-13 21:12:37 (UTC)

*Hey Guys!*

~Hey guys wats up? well im makin an online diary just
becasue im totally and completley BORED!!!! haha anyways,
lets see...im meghan, im 14 and i live in ohio. ok well
thats the boring stuff that u all knew already. ok so what
did i do this weekend...last night i went to the st
christines dance. Melissa ashley mary allyce and tina came
over and we walked there...oh but b4 we walked to the ice
cream store and me and allyce got frozen lemonade (incase u
care) and the dance pretty much SUCKED but ASHLEY had fun
b/c she made out with alex again for like the 10th time
while i sat with the holy cross boys and LAUGHED at her
(lol no im jk ashley i love you) anndd i guess it was
OKAY...oh but phil and his friends were being stupid cuz i
was supposedly "spending to much time" with holy cross
people...whatteeverr. today im not really doing anything
and tomorrow i have confirmation practice adn then im goin
to a track meet with ashley at like 12:30 ((hott guys)) and
then watching that and then HER meet is at 2:45 ((more hott
guys)) yeesssss and then im going to youth group. fun huh?
well sorry its short ill write again soon. cya