El Diablo
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2002-04-13 20:23:42 (UTC)

I once loved a woman......

dear diary
i will be seeing her for the last two days and then after
that only her memory will remain. got a little poem earlier
today, dont know why ive written it, but here it is........

I once loved a woman......

I once loved a woman......
loved her more dearly the my life,
told her that i would be there for her
and do anything to make her my wife.

we exchanged many promices,
we exchanged words of truth,
we exchanged words that were never even spoken
just undustood by the lovesick youth.....

she told me the she would be beside me
in everything that i do
but when turned to my side, just to confirm,
i saw no one, not even you........

i ask of her but one last thing,
dident i even deserve a "goodbye"?
she left me standing in the middle of nowhere
"you hate me now..... is that what you imply?"

i just wanted the truth,
nothing more, nothing less
"what do you think i'll do ?
send it off to the press!!"

i coudent bare to see you go,
but i have to even though,
knowing the fact that i was loved by someone,
just a little while ago......

untill next time .........
astalavista baby

-El Diablo