No Matter How Hard I Try...
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2002-04-13 20:15:42 (UTC)

last night and today

Well, lets start with last night. I had Drill Practice and
then came home. Chris came over and Trish and Chris
practiced guitar, then we just hung out and stuff. I ran
down the street in the pouring rain to kiss my fish mailbox
(dont even ask) and I was so freaking soaked. It was fun
but it killed my ankle, which after today still hurts.
I had the County Drill Meet today. It was awesome. We made
some dumb mistakes, things we should have payed attention
to, but we placed overall 1st. Mulberry, 1st in state and
county. Heck yeah! lol. George Jenkins didn't show. When
the guy announced that they hadn't arrived all of Mulberry
started cracking up. Jenkins leaves with no trophies, its
no suprise they didn't want to come. This one kid that goes
to my church kept saying hi and crap and Sammans was all
like "you have an admirer" the kid asked me to dance at the
Military Ball and I wouldn't dance with him. lol. There is
no way, I don't really even consider him a friend. My ankle
hurts from Exhibition though. It was dead while I was
marching. It sucks so much, but it's better now. I ate a
hamburger at Lake Regions High, where the meet was today,
and it is killing my stomach. ick.
I'll shut-up now. love you guys.
"Go Winter Haven" -some kid
*I woke up from sleeping 2 minutes before he started
"shut the fuck up before I pick your nose and shove my
foot up your ass" -me (the kid was screaming in my ear and
I had a headache and stomach ache.