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2002-04-13 18:19:16 (UTC)

you and me we used to be..

you and me we used to be together every day, together
i really feel that im losing my best friend

this song has been on repeat for a week anyway and now its
even worse i feel like ive fucking lost everything, i saw
him last night and it was so shitty, and i dreamed of him,
and today i had a fight with claudia because shes spending
all her time with this chick and fucking caroline is
spendig all her time with diana or whoever the fuck and i
cant deal with it for 2 seconds i cant deal with this
feeling that i've been just a substitute just to fill in
until they all find something better or less crazy i need
him so bad fuck and now i feel like i need all 3 of them
and caroline is just like him, just exactly like him
emotionally, just not as mean about it, and claudia
doesnt need me now that she has this chick and i AGH.