Damsel in Distress

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2002-04-13 18:11:03 (UTC)


yeah, im 18 and i just got my drivers license. oh well. i
got it on friday. see, i took the written class the summer
before last, got my permit, took the first two behind the
wheel lessons, went to schedule a driving test a week
before my permit expired, the dmv was booked, so permit
expired, almost two years has lapsed, so i scheduled a
driving appointment after i retook the written exam, which
i missed 4 on i missed 3 the original time i got my permit.
i took the third driving lesson. damon, the instructor,
gave me three practice tests. the first one he told me what
to do as we went through it. the second one, he told me
what to do and graded me...i missed 11 points...you can
miss 15 max and pass. i took a third one, i missed ten
points. when i went for my license, i was hella nervous.
well, i did what she said, and i only missed one thing. she
marked me off a point because when i did the backing up my
wheels were not parallel to the curb completely. it was
hardly off, but she was being picky. i thought i was going
to fail because i was speeding at one point, and at another
point i was going too slow. lmao. i guess she didnt. thank

my friend, sherry, told my friend, marc, that i like him.
its true...i want him, but its like weird. she told him,
its a sigh of relief more or less. i really do want him,
and sherry is evil. although, he is evil too but its really
umm a turn on. hehe. anyway, yeah. *blushes*

mom told me to give her two to three weeks to get my car
fixed becauseit needs a front end allignment, which isnt
too costly, but you have to find a place that is very
repitable...there is a place down town, but there is no way
in hell my car is sitting there. we're probably going to
get a new battery in it just for purposes of having a die
hard in there...a new one. well, parents wont let me drive
my car until it has a spare tire, and until im on a
separate insurance policy.

my goal right now is to get a job and move out. i guess, no
one understands how i hate being dependant on other people.
i mean i hate taking things from other people, especially
my parents. i hate having things held over my head. see,
they have held my trust fund over my head forever, well...i
dont want their money. i figure if i move to modesto it
will be 1200 dollars for the place with the deposit. not so
bad because modesto is a big city...sorta...it has anything
you could want. everything is like within walking distance,
so dont have to put horrible miles on my car. its half an
hour to an hour away from tracy. they have any place you
would want to shop at. they lack an amusement park, but
thats cool. i figure i will be out of here late june, early
july. i just hate living here. my parents always try to
play head games. my parents wont expect this one coming. i
want to move while they are at work so they come home to an
empty bedroom. muahahaha...i know its sorta wrong, but hey,
they have treated me like shit. muahahaha. ill have enough
to pay rent, insurance, my bills, school, and whatever i
need...if i get this one job that i have an interview for.
if not then im sure ill manage. i mean, ive been helping
mom with accountant work since i was 8 years old. im pretty
damn good with numbers, but ive never filled out a tax
return on my own completely. oh well, im sure i can figure
it out. anyway, that is my goal. my parents completely
under estimate me...they will be in for a surprise when
they come home to my sister living in my room and me
completely gone.

well, i guess im bored now, have no one to talk to =( very
very sad. i guess i should get some sleep...if i can.
havent been sleeping or eating right oh well. sue me. lol.
ill reupdate sometime soon if i remember.
-damsel in distress