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2002-04-13 17:26:13 (UTC)

What going on

Good Day!

Lots have happened since my last entry I have finally found
happiness and it feels good. I couldn't ask for anything
else, why did I stress about the people I dated nd the
little things that could and made my life crazy. I have
figured out that the lord one day is in a good mood and find
that perfect person for you to be with. I have never
understood how it is to have someone else want what is good
for you. He feels right and so good, if this is wrong if
others think I am making a mistake why would it feel so

If I am making a mistake isn't my mistake to make? Why can
other people who are miserable with their lives not just
take care of their lives instead of my? I was tried of
being alone even when I dated other guys now I feel

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