Thoughts to Share
2002-04-13 16:08:41 (UTC)

*I'm...coming out...so you better get this party started...*

Thursday afternoon it was really pretty outside and so
Heather and I decided to go study in the park. It took me
all afternoon to write...like 6 lines. Apparently I just
stink at spanish. And now...come to find out we have to
prepare 3 conversations. I am not that talented. A-1) I
can't write that much. B-2) I can't remember that much,
which means I will have to memorize it. C-3) I can't
memorize. Anyways...the park was nice. I didn't get much
work done, of course. Especially since my roommate...who
is evil...decided to kidnap me and take me to sonic to buy
me ice cream. No....really....they wrapped me up in a
blanket and would not let me escape. :-p When I got back
to my room...I look at my legs...and realize...they are
pink. "I am pink!" That's what I said. To which my
roommate asks if she can hear my version of "Get This Party
Started." Anyways....I suppose it's b/c as my mother
says....my "legs haven't seen the light of day" for a
while. :-( Whatever.