OhBaby It Is Me

2002-04-13 14:01:03 (UTC)

Ho Humm Humm

If you weren't proud enough of my with a 85.8, then
you totally should be proud of me when you hear that I got
a 89.4 on my report card, which means HONOR ROLL for me!!!
Well, I don't know, I want to go and dance, I want to dance
in July but I know that I have A LOT more that I need to
learn befor I can. The fist dance class was Wednesday at
the house, and then we had dance again on Thursday at Loris
after we took our placement tests at FLCC. But at dance I
twisted my leg wrong and sorda hurt my knee. It still
hurts a bit but hell.


"And now the severe beating of a high school spanish teacher."

[Writing on chalk board]
"Juan es muy guapo."
[Door opens, walking towards her]

"Hay problema?"
"Mi casa es su casa."
[Beating sounds]
"Ayuda! Ayudame!"
[Beating sounds]
[Beating sounds]
[Beating sounds]
[Beating sounds]
[Beating sounds]
[Falls to the floor]

(I never heard this?!)