2002-04-13 12:26:17 (UTC)


Hey people. My name is Davy and I'm 17. Less then a
month, I'll be 18. Also next month i Graduate. It's about
fucking time too. School is useless. I live in a small
city in south carolina. and it SUCKS to live here. The
only thing good that has been here is the local band,
Dezeray's Hammer. You will find that i seem to talk alot
about the band. I am there Roadie but the music and the
lyrics are amazing. www.Dezerayshammer.com also check
out www.dezerays-hammer.com. My life really isn't that
exciting. I wake up in the morning, go to school, go to
work, and i have a handful of friends which i like hanging
around. I do know alot of people, I have a couple of
connections. At 17, I feel like i have done alot of
things. Im sure if i keep this diary going, Ill explain to
alittle of the experiences i've been apart of.