The mediocrity that is me
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2002-04-13 07:34:55 (UTC)

She said what?!?!

So I'm wandering though the corridors of hell today, trying
to body surf my way through the crowd of people to get down
the stairs to my next brain-numbing class, and I hear this
girl say something that makes me do a double-take.

"Oh my god, like yeah, that would be perfect because
straight hair is like totally in now!"

---EXCUSE ME?!?! Did I just hear that correctly???

For a second there, I felt like I was trapped in the middle
of one of those hellish teen movies. I'm looking around for
the cameraperson and *of course* Freddie Prinze Jr to pop
out and tell me that without the glasses I'm beautiful and
popular and he loves me....I swear, I could actually see
her brain cells 'abandoning ship' and jumping out of her
skull by the millions. Do people actually SAY that that
kind of shit in real life?! I naiively thought the only
people who spouted that kind of drivel were actresses cast
as "popular girl" in the bad TV shows or movies
that "depict" high school life. But no. Here's someone less
than five feet away from me LIVING THE STEREOTYPE!!!

Of course, I shouldn't have been surprised. After all, I am
living in Suburbian Hell, where the major tragedy today was
the girl whose prom date forgot to buy her corsage early
enough, so now (prepare yourself) she WONT HAVE A CORSAGE
FOR PROM!!! (cue sweeping emotional music here). And damn
it all, she lost the magazine with the article "What to Do
if your date doesn't get you a corsage." What is a
stereotypical upper-middle class white teenage girl (with
bleach-blond hair on the dance team) to do?!
Why, cry, of course! Life just CANT get any worse that
this!!! Senior Prom is RUINED!

HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA. Seriously...just shoot me in the goddamn
head, right now.

Is it really wrong for me to find SO MUCH humor in that
poor girl's pain and suffering?

Isn't high school great?