HiFiveJesus!Need I say more?
2002-04-13 07:03:05 (UTC)

Pokin' midgets...

Hello I am not HiFiveJesus really I just broke into his
journal because I said I would and now my reign of weirdness
shall begin...
H.F.J. is an incurable midget poker.
I speak the truth...really he does.
He goes in the streets late at night dressed in drag similar
to that of Tim Curry in that great film Rocky Horror Picture
Show armed w/ a bucket of unsalted popcorn to throw at
unsuspecting policemen and poodles and of course his handy
dandy prostetic index finger which he lost once in a fierce
battle w/ a purple-pink polka dotted gorilla who wanted from
him a package of assaulted peanuts and well lets just say what gorilla want gorilla
better get or you lose your index finger very quicky after
shoving it in the gorillas nose while saying "Heck no buddy
get your own peanuts"
Moral of the story.
Never mess w/ a gorilla.
But that's aside the point now where was I?
Oh yeah midgets.
He finds them after he runs out of popcorn Policemen and
poodles and he sneaks up behind these "Special People" and
just pokes them in the head.
We don't know why he does this but he is a strange guy...
Well I'd tell more of his exploits but hell I'm tired and
stuff so whatever I depart for now.
But I will be back.
Oh yes I shall return.
Hey HiFiveJesus!

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