Mysterious Attitude
2001-05-25 04:21:41 (UTC)

Thursday May 24,2001

10:47 pm

Damn u would never believe what happened at school today..
Well when I got to school today there was 3 police cars on
the parkin lot.. I was like umm.. I wonder what is goin
on... So I go into the school and start askin around and
here is what happened... this boy Pedro... was like gettin
into an argument with these 2 Latin King members.. and I
guess yesterday they were in an argument 2.. So today they
come up to our school... and start drivin around the parkin
lot... then they saw Pedro and got into another argument..
And Pedro was like get your asses out of the car and so we
can really fight... well then one of the guyz in the car
pulled out a gun and pointed it at Pedro... all the kidz
started to run into the buildin.. while Pedro just stood
there and sayin shit I didn't know he was that brave... but
thank god the guy didn't shoot the gun... So I guess that
Pedro got expelled... and now we will be havin police at
our school everyday until we get out... and this gurl who I
sit with at Lunch know the guy that had the gun.. cuz her
boyfirend hangs out with him.. and by the way.. the 2 Latin
Kingz don't go to my school.. Well that's bout all bout
school.... When I got home I told my family what happened
and they like freaked out.. When my mom got home from work
we went out shoppin again.. and she got me this nice ass
cross 10k gold ring and 2 gold bracelet.. I tell ya... She
has been gettin me a lot of things lately... I dunno why
tho... maybe she is sick?¿ lol lol... When I got home I
called up Jack and talked to him.. Andria paged me.. so I
called her while he was on the phone.. and we all were
talkin and stuff.. and guess what?¿ They know each other..
and Andria had a crush on him... and I think he may like
her 2 :( I tell u.. it always happens like that.. anyone I
like.. after they talk to her I lose them :( :( I'm talkin
to him right now.. and yeah he is thinkin of her :( :( damn
damn damn.... :( :( :( :( well I'm bout to cry... :( :(
Why does it alwayz happen to me?¿ I'm bout sick of it... I
dunno.. what does she have that I don't?¿ I don't know..
today hasn't been a good day for me :( I'm never goin to
have anyone cuz it seems they all like Andria.. I Love her
to death... but I dunno why this always happens to
me... ::shakes her head:: it isn't meant for me to have
anyone.. but anyhow.. I'm goin to go now.. and cry my eyes
out.. :( Bye bye 4 now