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2002-04-13 06:08:40 (UTC)

phonebooth part 2

ha ha ha

i'm so bad! :)
i'm just in one of those phases where i'm all about having fun! is
that bad?
it was really weird...we got into this whole discussion about sex a
nd what not...i dont really remember how it all came about, but he
made some comment about how the only reason i'm being well behaved is
because there are no rockstars in town...i told him that it wasnt the
case, that i had found someone nice...and he got really mad at me. he
started screaming at me, saying shit about how i didnt care about
him, that i was just using him and leading him along by not telling
him that i was seeing someone...it was really bad... i actually asked
him to pull the car over so that i could get out...it was all
retarded...the only way to get him to stop was by telling him that he
needed to lighten up and realize that i was just joking. thank god he
bought it otherwise the entire ride home would have been miserable.
the make-up kiss was worth the argument though. i dont think we've
ever kissed that passionately before. it was almost breathtaking!
he told me to call him today. ha ha ha. =)
how you like that?

i think i'm taking way to much joy in the role reversal here. finally
i'm able to just have fun with it,and he's the one getting bent out
of shape when i mention another guy...he's the one getting jealous
when i talk to Jerry.
this is fun...i think i like this.

going down there next weekend... i'm "in trouble" so i've been told.

this could be fun!

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