Michael Through Time

The Mad Scientist's Notebook
2002-04-13 05:59:08 (UTC)

Some News and Notes

This is going to be a short note, but I suppose I'll do a
longer one later.
Well, the contest is over and congratulations to the
winner. Now I can get on with what's going on writing wise
with me in the forseeable future. Knowing my luck, the
person will probably get the cd with me on it before I
Beyond that, My writing is more focused now past my
poetry. I still write poems, but I'm working on other
projects as well. Some short stories, and two novels if
you can believe that. Hopefully soon I'll be ready to
announce my plans there.
Byrdman#100 is starting to progress. I'm slated to co
write this piece. From there on I have six more issues of
Byrdman to do then I go on an extended vacation. Probably
in August I'll start doing my final writings for the
Justice Byrds. I think up the way I'll explain my
involvement with them.
I'm glad spring is here. I hate winter. It's nice to be
in the seasons where the sun shines, and women dress in
less clothing. :). I personally think that's great.
I think my next column will be a list of all my writing
projects. Also this journal will have until the book is
ready some outtakes of some poems that didn't make the cut
and occasionally some new material.
Surprisingly, this is longer then I thought. I've said
enough for today. Talk to you in a week.
The Mad Scientist