American Spirit
2001-05-25 03:54:35 (UTC)

Maybe things aren't so bad?

We just had a girl graduate who has had the most amasing
life and i am absolutely certain that she will do well in
her life. Thinking of her makes me realize that life is
not all just downs and that even if it is a struggle to
reach the top, the top is deffinately attainable. I only
hope she knows the impact her life had on all of those she
met. Life truely is a blessing. In anycase, this comes
after losing to friends i thought were the best and being
left with a roomate who dissapeared. At least my dog is
well. well actually she has been sick off and on lately
too. In anycase, i wanted to make sure to write something
poetic in each entry cause it is more me than not writing
poetically. I thought i would start this one with a poem I
wrote for my two friends that decided to leave me in the

You put your arm around me with a sinister grin and
said, "Eh Trust Me" and i did.

well there you have it, don't know who "you" are since the
only person i think will read this is my friend chevonne
but... maybe she'll get it.