*~*My Diary*~*
2002-04-13 04:24:55 (UTC)

fun night being grounded

Well tonight wasn't exciting...i'm grounded for grades but
i got to go shopping w/ my mom so i guess thats a plus! Got
2 new pairs of flip flops, a new mirror, fabric for zebra
pillows 4 my room, pj pants and sum other stuff! i'm
excited kuz i'm talkin to jessica and she's coming back in
June!! Gawd i miss that girl so much...And i hope that
she's having a good time in Reno and that people treat her
well. She's one of the few people that i knew that i could
tell nething to her and she would never tell a soul. I
mean, i can still do that on the internet and stuff, but i
miss talking to her. And she would always laugh at me even
when my jokes wern't funny!! DAMN I MISS THAT!! i've been
kinda crabby today, i don't know why...but talking to
jessica cheers me up!!!:]:]:] i seem 2 argue w/ people
alot...tryin to quit that habit kuz i'm sure sum people
think i'm a bitch. I don't want people to think that. Idk
sum people pick fights w/ me, and i don't handle that
lightly. Like sum girl in my spanish class picked a fight
w/ me...she's like "i feel sorry for your team kuz they
have YOU" and i told her "thats real cool...considering you
don't even know me" thats what i hate, when people talk
shit when they don't even know the person. Its like "until
you actually carry on a decent conversation with me, then
you don't know anything about me". The only people who
really matter to me are my family and my true friends,
thats all i need. I'm thinking of taking up sewing
classes...laugh at me please, but i want to learn how to
make stuff! the most i can make now is probably a pillow!!
LoL...well sorry my diary is stupid so far, it'll get