a little piece of me
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2002-04-13 04:15:43 (UTC)

moline, turtle, and bruce

today jessie and i ran to moline. well, actually i drove,
but whatever. i had seen this sword type thing that i
wanted to get matthew for graduation, so i had to go back
and get it. i bought it, and also a ninja star (he's
always wanted one of those). i really hope he likes them.
it was a fun trip, even though we were only there for about
an hour (spent 3 on the road hehe).

got back, downloaded some great music, and watched dark
angel. anxiously waited for time to pass so i could talk
to turtle. last night, he just made me feel so good about
everything. and he didn't even do it on purpose. he was
just being is normal, sweet, goofy self. i've never felt
good about me until now. that's so sad. that's alright,
though. i'm so glad i met him. actually, glad he met
me...he initiated the convo that night.

anyway, i had to call his best friend, bruce, to work out
this whole meeting thing. i'm trying to convince him to
meet me in knoxville. turtle and i will rent a motel room
and bruce will just drop him off and i'll meet turtle
there. bruce told me that he will more than likely do
that, but i can't tell turtle lol. he wants to torture him
a little. i told turtle that he's still thinking about it,
and that he'll let me know later. i really hope he can. he
has to get back and be at work by about 3 in the morning,
so it will be a lot of driving for him. he really cares
about turtle a lot, and wants to do what makes him happy.
i just don't want him to get too tired and get hurt. it
was a trip talking to him. his goal is to embarass the
hell out of me. i'm sure he'll succeed with flying colors

alright, well, i'm gonna get back to talk to turtle now.
he just had to me talk to his friend rhian. she's pretty
sweet. she really cares about him, too. they've been
friends for a long time. she's cool. she said we have to
hang out when i come down lol. that would be fun.
anyway, that's all for tonight. guten nacht alles.