Random Ramblings Of A Teenager
2002-04-13 03:44:49 (UTC)

April 12, 2002: Deep Thinking

Well another week in the fasinating life of me. :)
It's been pretty layback and I guess I wanted it that way
again the trip and all. Though I must admit I've been way
more talkitive then normal. I can't really put my finger on
way but I hope it doesn't go away because it's deffinately
helped my flirting abilities.

See most of the time I flirt back and I won't make the
first more or anything. But in Algebra with Tim I kept
talking at him and sometimes I would put my hand on his
arm. I know it's that a real biggie but for me it is
because I'm not a really touchy feely girl. Then in band
Kyle stole my case and put it in the guy's bathroom. I
think I surprised him when I went in without a fuss or
something, like girls normally do. And today he took it and
ran outside with it and I got locked out but he did let me
in and he lifted me up and spun me. See normally I would
had freaked out and screamed for him to let me down ut
today I just laughed and hanged on.

Aaron's been such a jerk to me this week. (I can't remember
if I wrote this in last week but I'll just repeat it.)On
the trip we were walking in some town in New Mexico and
Ryan said something about a dildo (spelling??) well I
didn't know what it was so I was like "what's that" well
naturally everyone was laughing and all. But Ryan told me
*ewww* and after that every now and then it would come up
on the bus and they'd laugh. I didn't really mind because
that kinda stuff doesn't bother me. But anywho back to the
point. Aaron and Erin decided that I was too sheltered and
they were gonna corrupt me. So they were telling me all
this nasty stuff and so now. Well Aaron still hasn't gotten
over it. In History he keeps saying "penis" and other
disgusting words and it's to the point where I wanna kill
him. I don't know what I've ever saw in him.

In English we're reading "Romeo and Juilet" and Mr. Nye has
it in his head that it would be "cool" if we all have parts
and "act" them out. I wouldn't mind just reading it and
stuff but the whole let's look like complete morons thing
just doesn't do it for me. But at least I got the part I
wanted I'm Romeo's mom Lady Monquent (spelling??) and
Bret's my "husband" so we have to almost always be by each
other. Which isn't a bad thing because he's always been
cute but now that he dyed his hair blond his even cuter.

Well on the topic of dying hair Tim got his done. He got
the tips blond and it looks really good with his black
hair. And then he puts in the temparary stuff on the end of
the tips. Like today it was green, and Tina and I were
teasing him that he should buy purple and put it in for

And Katy has been such a bitch lately. She's having
a "sleepover" for her birthday tomorrow and she didn't
invite me. I really don't care if she did or didn't but
it's just the fact of the matter. And on the bus she got
mad at me because I said that I didn't like Sum 41. She's
so immature!!!

Well I'm gonna go. I think since I'm not doing anything
tonight I'll read a book. (I haven't for awhile)