my life and thoughts
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2001-05-25 01:57:00 (UTC)

yeahh ,, hahaa

hey hey eveyone ,, so i just got home from getting my
permit .. i finally got it ...ahha and my mom let me drive
her lovely red Z28 camaro .,..yea ..ahhait was fun .. but
anyways i said ,,life has been pretty decent
lately ,, just basically been doing the same stuf ,, u know
going to school ..and coming home and talking on the phoone
or whatever ,, boribg iknow haha .. but i live in the
middle of nowhere so i really dont have to much to do ,,
ahah o well .. but me and jason are still together .. 4
months tomorrow ,, long time i know ,.my friend andreas
Bday was yesterday so she is haveing a lil party thing
tomorrow nite ..nothing big though .. just a couple
thing i might go to that with jason ..who knows,,,
but this last weekend has been something else .. i called
my "friends"(she isnt exactly my friend,, ) mom a bitch at
the relay for life ..and so she was going to ..or atr least
she was walking around talking shit like she was going to
beat my ass,,but she apologized ..ahha it was great ,,
well im outta here for now ..laters