Thoughts and What Not
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2002-04-13 01:53:58 (UTC)

your hair, it's everywhere...

April 12, 2002. 9:40 PM

current music- Secret Stars-"Some Sinatra"

screaming freaking infidelities. do i have to say more?
now this song really gets me going. even though it's
dashboard's "single", it's got to be his best song, in my
opinion at least. it just makes me think.

anyways, it's friday night. all my friends have other
things to do. some of which went out without me. i guess
maybe i've turned into too much of a haneous bitch for them
to want to hang out with me anymore. they'll say it's
cause i had to work. too bad jen called me at 8 after i
was showered and had my hair dried and was dressed already
after work. i would have had more than enough time to go
out with them. *sigh* lauren worked 'til 8, ashley's in
DC, lisa has her boy over, jackie's out with hers. same
goes for darci. my brother asked me to go to the 5KS show
tonight at blazers, but i just wasn't feeling that, plus
i'm going to that show tomorrow. enough being bitter about
staying home, cause really it's kind of nice. i'm just

megan just messaged me. i've had enough of her little
'look at me look at me' giggly act. i wish i could say
that everyone else was changing and i'm not, because i am.
hopefully it's for the better though. i think it is.
within the past 3 months it just seems as though i've
realized how stupid some things are. i'll stay out of your
business, you stay out of mine. if you want me to know
though, i'm more than happy to listen. i'm your friend,
i'm here for you. however, my friends don't seem to think
this way. i guess i'll have to fend for myself.

so i rocked the thongs today. oh yes, thongs...ohh, i love
the way they feel between my...toes. hehe. i'm definitely
feeling the whole summer scene this year. summer's gonna
be so cool this year. i can't wait. there's somewhere
between 35 and 40 days of school left. that's pretty cool.

tomorrow's my first saturday off work in i don't even know
how long. AWESOME! i might go to the track invitational,
but who knows. then there's that show at 4. that should
be cool, hopefully. keith's band's playing, which is
cool. he freaking rules. in fact i wish he was on-line now
so i could talk to him. he's over tim's practicing
though. oh well. derek's band is playing too. although
i'm not sure if their music's really my cup of tea. but
hey, it's all in good fun. good friends, good tunes, good

i'm so bored. gosh. i even cleaned my room. i hung up
some pictures on this new picture hangy-up thing. it looks
pretty cool. i ate dinner after work and even did the
dishes, just cause i was bored. so i guess my dad wants to
go golfing on sunday. ahh! i'm just scared to start i
guess. this is weird, cause i have this other journal, and
i already made an entry for that, and here i am rambling on
again in this one. it's just great to have such an outlet
like this. i can let stuff out, and people don't have to
listen. well, i'm gonna go get something to drink.


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