my so called life
2002-04-13 01:39:37 (UTC)

Life tastes good part II

Right now.. I'm telling you, life is good.. :)
That's why I haven't written lately.. I've been busy and
happy.. I tend to feel like writing in this diary when I'm
unhappy or somewhat sad. I am not sad right now!!
It's 02:10 and Ben left about 20 minutes ago.
We watched Ocean's Eleven and then MTV.
My parents are in Spain (lucky bastards), they're coming
home tomorrow. They left Saturday (almost a week ago) and I
had a vorspiel. It was a lot of fun, most of my friends
were there and everything was great.
Ben was there, of course. Around 23 everyone went to the
club. Lucy, Ben and I were the last to leave since I had to
lock the house and stuff. Oh my god, Lucy was so wasted!
She had two bottles of red wine (red red wine, you make me
feel so fine)and she was giggeling and reeling all the way
to the club. Suddenly she decided that going to the club
wasn't a good idea after all, so she called her mother's
boyfriend and he picked her up. Ben and I just laughed at
her and started walking. I dunno how, but we decided to go
for a walk before we went to the club, and I dunno how, but
we started kissing!! :)
I think that maybe I kissed him, but I'm not sure (red red
wine, you make me feel so fine). It doesn't really matter
cause he kissed me back :)
We were like in the middle of town, and he was like we
can't just stand here.. So went into this alley and made
out ;D
It was very different from the last time we kissed. I dunno
if you remember that I told you.., it was this summer and
everything got weird after that.
Well, the first time it was like.. he was kind of sticking
his tongue down my throat. And I remember thinking that it
was.. hmm.. it wasn't affectionate..
This time it was.. PERFECT.
Maybe he's been making out with girls all winter without
anyone knowing, but I don't care.. cause now he's a great
kisser =)
So after a while I said that maybe we ought to go to the
club, people were probably wondering where we were (you
stupid girl). He agreed and so we did.
I found the table where Tiff, Geri, Silvia and some other
of my friends were sitting. They were all like where have
you been? I just laughed, and then Ben entered the club.
The girls went 'is it a coincidence that Ben just arrived
as well?' I laughed even more and everyone understood what
was going on. Everyone was so happy for me :)
I danced with my girls all night :)
Ah, I forgot to say, earlier that night I got this weird
message from Tom on my cellphone:
T: ;)
C: Why are you blinking?
T: If you only knew..
C: What a dork..
T: Oh, someone feels that way too..
C: So normally you're so popular?

He didn't reply on that last one. At the club Steve and Ben
were sitting at a table with Tom. I was talking to Geri and
suddenly she ran over to that table. I followed and rumpled
Tom's hair and said hello. He looked kind of surprised and
I don't know if he even replied. I sat down next to Ben and
talked with him for a while. Tom was staring at me with a
mean look all night.
When the club closed, Ben and I got up and started leaving.
I didn't see Tom anymore.
Outside we decided that I should have a nachspiel, so
Steve, Geri, Ally and two of her friends (one of them is
KB,my brother's old bestfriend, he has a crush on Ally) and
Ben started walking towards my place. Ben was all over Ally
and I was pissed. Ben and Ally are like friends from way
back, they're both very flirty, and Ally is my friend, so I
KNOW it means nothing, but it pissed me off anyway.
Steve, Geri and I walked faster and got a lead. Suddenly
Ben came running and told me to wait. I was kind of upset
with him, but he took my hand in his and started walking.
Then he said Sally (the other one of Ally's friends) is the
only one who doesn't have someone's hand to hold and
squeezed my hand. I wasn't really upset anymore =)

When we got back to my place, everyone was tired and stuff.
Ally called some other guys (including her ex-boyfriend
Henry and Leo.... I'll write about that some other time)
and they showed up. I was sitting on Ben's lap and we
shared a glass of water. I got a new message from Tom.
'You're a dangerous person to run into'
He doesn't make any sense!!
After a while the other guys left and it was just Ally, KB,
Sally, Steve, Geri, Ben and me. Ally decided to go home and
called her mother who'd pick her up. Steve wanted to go
home as well, but there wasn't room for Steve, Geri, Sally,
Ben and Ally. After some persuading from the rest of us
(mostly Ben and me...) they decided to just sleep over.
Sally and Ally left, and after some wailing about Ally, KB
left as well. I put my head on Ben's stomach and the four
of us just talked for a while. Geri and Steve went upstairs
to sleep on my couch. It was just Ben and me left...
Oh my gooood...!!
It's weird, we just layed there all night.. His arms around
me, touching me.. I was caressing his face.. we kissed.. we
held hands.
He thinks my skin is so soft.
The Aha song 'Velvet' [her skin is like velvet.. her face
cut from stone] played and that song will forever remind me
of Ben. We were amazed that my skin was so differnt from
his. And his stomach.. it's.. sheeeese.. it's so hard.. so
strong. *sighs*
And he's so shy!! So incredibly sweet.. he was afraid of
touching me, of making me unconfortable..
We were like no where close to sleeping together,but
seriously.. So conciderate and kind, he must be the perfect
'you could sell your skin'
'your skin.. it's so soft.. you could sell it'
'hehehe.. you're crazy'
'it's like velvet.. I don't know why you don't touch
yourself all day'
'you say the weirdest things.. *silence* would you buy it
if I did sell it?'
'I don't need to, I've got you..' *holds me close*

You can imagine.. I was in heaven...

I could write about it all night, but I won't.. I'll just
keep the rest to myself 8)
I fell asleep around 6 am.
The next morning Geri and Steve came downstairs and
everything was kind of weird.. but not like..
uncomfortable. Just bizarre..
Later that day I sent him a message, but we didn't really
talk about things..
He's not my boyfriend.. I'm hoping he'll be soon, but I
don't know.. I'm just incredibly happy right now and when
I'm happy there's no reason to change things.

We'll just see what happens, right?

I'm gonna go to sleep now..
By the way.. No one updates their diary anymore! That's not
good!! :O
Hopefully it's because you're busy being happy just like me
Nighty'night :)

- Happy Cath -