Hannah Rose Cherry

Hannah's Screwed life(go figure)
2002-04-13 00:44:56 (UTC)

Dragging a usless body

I'm so tired, i mean so screwed up. I have back pain all
the time, i constantly pull my shoulder muscles, i have to
go to a physical therapist for my knee witch i cant
remember wat u call with my knee but it always hurts, i'm
always tired and take these vitamins witch are supposed to
help but dont, i have really bad allergies so my eyes itch
and my sinuses get clogged and i'm always breaking my
pinkie toe, like evory month i bang it and break it over
and over so now it's deformed. and like theres other stuff
that i cant remember, but i mean i feel like i'm dragging a
usless body around, a heavy usless body. and i'm to tired
to drag it, uch i'm getting sooooooooooo sick of this.

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