*~*My Diary*~*
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2002-04-13 00:26:24 (UTC)

First Entry

Ok well this is the first entry to my online diary...found
this thing on a website as i was just looking around and
decided to check it out. I had a pretty good day at school
today, not anything new. I don't like school for the fact
of homework, i pretty much just go to socialize, which i'm
going to have to change because i got pretty bad grades and
i'm kinda screwed right now. oh well, i don't really care
that much. Thats why i'm grounded this weekend, but usually
that doesn't really last too long. School has been really
hard this year, its scary to think that school is getting
closer and closer to being over with and i'm still meeting
new people. The only people that i knew when i first came
were Jenny & Jada, but i didn't know them very well. I'm
thankful for all of the people that i've gotten to meet
this year, its the first time in my life that i have
learned the meaning of a REAL FRIEND. I don't feel like
i've ever had any true friends up until now. Last year
sucked at Pound and i'm glad i'm not still in that
Hellhole. I've changed alot since last year, not bad, not
good, just changed. Maybe other people think that i've
changed in a bad way. I've been opened up to knew things
and i've experienced things for the first time this year.
its like going back to kindergarden! wOw thats scary! well
i'm gonna go now, kuz my mom is taking me to the store to
get sum stuff for my room. I'm redoing it and it'll be
really cool when its done:]