~*Monster Kitty*~

~*Stumbling Through Life*~
2002-04-12 23:23:35 (UTC)

Life Update

Well it has been a long time since I wrote in here.
Let me let you know what is going on in my life...

My magazine has become a big thing. I see myself planning
my future in this direction. When I get things organized, I
will move to the next step--and contact CosmoGirl, YM, &
Seventeen to see if they will support us. Then I will build
Blonde up to a real zine, and become a young entrepreneur.
You will see... :)

Although he is still completely, totally, & adorably sexy,
I am pretty much over Dane. He is just really getting on my
nerves, because he is a major poser, and only wears polo
shirts because he wants to get girls. Plus, I am annoying
myself for freaking every time I see him, treating him like
a god, and not being able to speak a complete sentence to
Infact, there is even a new guy--one that I have actually
TALKED to!!!!!!!! aaaaahhhh! Chris Mauer. heehee. He is
really hot, and really nice! (And really tall) I could
totally see myself together with him. But we will see. I am
friends with him, so I have an actual chance! I just trust
that everything will happen as it is supposed to.

As for my friends, I am getting really tired of them.
Regenna has 24/7 PMS and is ALWAYS mad at me for something.
Brittany is the same way. Liana is getting on my nerves
SOOOO bad, because she is always acting like a little baby,
and needs to GROW UP. She acts cute and pathetic just to
get attention, and I really cant see myself being close
with her again until she changes.
I am friends with Sara again. But the difference is, this
time she WANTS me around. I am also friends with Kristina.
Jessica and Alexia are like my best friends, and its really
wierd, because we used to not be. After awhile, you really
learn who your true friends are.
I am sharing a locker with Kristina and Sara. Its right
next to Danes, but I still dont talk to him.
I am meeting new people, and am actually starting to eat
with the skaters. That is so great because my model life is
actually beginning to form. If I get in with the skaters, I
will have a group of cool people to be friends with for all
of highschool, and I wont have to sit by the nerds, with my
old friends, for the rest of eternity.

I am very excited about what the future will bring, because
I am meeting new people and making new friends every day.
Even though its really scary, it is fun, and new, and I am
happy. Genuinely happy. Who would have ever thought I could
be in this place exactly one year ago. Never, never me.

^ ^
~*Lily*~ ('.')