The lost little girl
2002-04-12 23:18:50 (UTC)


ok so kareoke was great last night ...i had a lot of fun.
gregg DID show up and i guess i had a glow. even though i had
a STERN talking to by someone not to be named *cough* dana
*cough*...but i know he is just looking out for me...yeah
i'm not even gonna get into my day today cuz it fuckin'
sucked. Chris and myself went to Manch-vegas and well we had
some problems with um...getting home..yeah fuck you 293
i don't have much to say except i promise i'll write more
tomorrow..so until then..byebyeby and take care- love ya-

Daily Quote:
"No no no..i'm dancing and you are screwing it up, work with
me here..come on..."- Dana
( last night at kareoke dana was saying this shit while we
were dancing while i laughed my ass off)