The Nine Faces of Dave
2002-04-12 22:47:03 (UTC)

i'll be there in spirit

It's been a while since my last post, so here's the rundown
on what's been happening in my life.

The U of Rochester visit went pretty well. I really liked
the campus, even though it's cold there. Tulane is my last
campus to visit, and then it will be decision time.

The musical is still fucked, and the director is starting to
get unpleasant with us. She threw us all out today after a
few of us (myself included) missed a cue. The thing is, no
one can hear a damn thing from backstage. Anyway, I managed
to not be on stage for the last song because nobody saw fit
to tell me that we weren't moving it to the end. Following
that number, the director yelled at us, told us to go home,
learn our lines and cues, and not return until we had. Now
the problem here is that not everyone in the chorus has the
script, since there have never been enough photocopies made.

It looks like I probably won't be going to the prom. The
girl I asked to the prom wasn't permitted to go to that sort
of thing. I'd asked her out before, and she wasn't allowed
to date, either. Anyway, she was really my only prospect,
and now the anti-prom party that a friend of mine suggested
looks more and more attractive.

Strangely, I'm not depressed about it, probably because the
girl I asked to the prom did appreciate the offer. Likely
conclusion: she may have said yes if it were her decision.
Maybe that's just foolish optimism on my part, but unlike
most of the girls I know, she's honest. Who knows, maybe we
could have ended up dating if it were up to her.

Whatever the case, her response was rather positive in tone,
and so I'm feeling all right. I guess it's a validation of
sorts; after all, if someone like her would be willing to go
to the prom with me, I must be doing something right.