My Life to Live
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2002-04-12 22:11:33 (UTC)

this week has been pretty good..

this week has been pretty good i guess. my best friend and
her boyfriend broke up and im thinking about breaking up
with mine. this is probly the second time that i wrote
about this but there is just somthin that tuns me away from
him its not that i dont like him its just that i dont love
him like the way he thinks. i dont know what is really
gonna happen but there really isnt any way to find out so
it dont matter! im kinda tired of always appolagizing to
him for doing stupid stuff that dont matter and for other
things that shouldnt matter!!i know nobody ever reads this
stuff that i write but im glad at least i can kinda talk
about it and get it out of my system!!anyways now im
playing basketball and softball and im having sooooo much
fun i have the best friends in the world and im doing good
despite the bfriens prob. i dont really care all that much
about that cuz im still totaly in to tom(tj) and i know
that wont ever change!!!!!!!!well i have basket ball
practice tonight so i should go get ready!! write later