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2002-04-12 21:49:46 (UTC)


My car is finally all fixed!!! Yeah for daddy and Tony:)
I got up today at the early time of 6:30AM and headed to
Lansing to Tony's garage. Where to my suprise my daddy met
me! Then he took me to breakfast and to get a lil present
and then we found out my grandma was back so we stopped by
there:) Yeah I was so HAPPY to see my grandma again, it's
been like 6 months!!!! So then we went to pick up my
finished car and I went to visit Debbie and Denny. Debbie
wasn't there but I had a nice visit with Denny:) I came
home and ate and washed my car IN THE RAIN! It was pretty
funny and dadda and Pat thought it was funny, hahaha. WOA
HOO then Daddy adn I went grocery shopping and to the bank
fun times. Oh and we went to Han's and I got gummy bears.
Oh peanut butter and bananas tired taht I even mushed up
the naners, haha it was okay, edible:) So yeah now I'm
just chilling oh I have to call people and my momma just
got home:)