Chapter One: The Evil Within
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2002-04-12 21:28:30 (UTC)

To who ever you are....

Yeah, if you are reading again, this "someone with an
opinion" you opinion is pretty warpped, first off, i know i
am a bitch, and if you know me, you know it dont bother me
to be called a bitch, but since it was ment as an insult
instead of a complement, both times, i would like to say,
whoever you are, i may be a bitch but you are being pretty
cowardly by not saying your name. I am sorry if i may have
offended you in anyway, but that was how i felt, put
yourself in my shoes, and at least when i voice my opinion,
i tell the whole god damn world who i am!!

Anyways, beyond that, i have had a wonderful past few
days, with the exception of pissing in Adams wheeties,
which probably pissed off Emmy. To awnser the age old
question, yes i am going to Ball, I figure that its a once
in a life-time chance, and i would love to go with Emily
and Adam, there have been alot of confussion, but I am
still debating on going with josh and her too... they have
a chance. Btw, I am sorry to all but i was having a
horrible week. Today, I saw Matt... I was so happy....
Happy happy happy!! Anyways thats all for now... .ADIOS


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