Baby Story
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2002-04-12 21:16:23 (UTC)

28 wks 4 days

It is so hard to believe that I am in my third trimester.
And it is so hard to believe that there is only 2.5 more
months until my baby Abbigail is here. I am stuck between
a state of excitement and being scared. There is so much
to get done, and so little time!!!

We have finally gotten most of our baby things and WE ARE
MOVING INTO OUR APARTMENT!!! Woo Hoo! I got the go ahead
to begin moving this weekend. It will be about a 2 week
process, as Nelsons mother is coming up to help out next
weekend and my parents are bringing a bunch of things out
to us the weekend after that. Plus some of our furniture
won't be in until later this week. I am so excited
though. Everything is happening so fast!

I am continuing to put on a lot of weight, but the doctor
is not concerned, as all of my blood and urine tests show
that everything is healthy. All of my weight is water. I
look so swollen. I don't even think some people would
recognize me at this point in time! lol.

Nelson and I are doing great. We are excited to finally
move in together, to a place that we can call OURS. And My
job is going good. They are continuing to speak of hiring
me as a permanent after my maternity leave. That is so
exciting for me, as I will get state benefits and a great
beginning salary with a fast pace promotional opportunity
coming soon after being hired. Wonderful news, but makes
me worried about DayCare for my lil sweetheart. Guess I
had better start looking.

Sending love to all!!!

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