Marco Jacksonovic

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2002-04-12 20:39:04 (UTC)

The Days Are Golden, The Waters Are Brown.

I finally, after almost 2 years living in Norfolk, made it
to the regions number one tourist hobby. I went boating on
the broads. The broads, for the uneducated, are a little
like this. Norfolk is dead flat, and not high above sea
level. The water drains not very well and subsequently the
area has a lot of standing water. This, in a rural setting
is perfectly fine, as it produces a little series of
waterways to rival any such creations of man.

So, despite what the weather forecast said, we rented a
boat, 5 of us, and went out into the great known. We must
have travelled 8 miles in our little boat, in less than 4
hours - with an hour or so off to sit and wander. It was
beautiful, lying...chugging along...watching the day not go
by in the sun.

Had the pub we visited been open it would have been a
perfect day, but as it is, we came home fully contented,
and having loved EVERY minute of the trip.

I didn't even know I was going until I got a phone call
saying 'We'll pick you up, we're going on the broads'. All
this, and a new series of Jools Holland tonight. I'll tape
it to Minidisc, if I want - on Sunday's repeat.

So, from a very contented me....


WILT? The Very Best Of Crowded House.