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2002-04-12 20:24:46 (UTC)


........You must be use to me crying, why you out bumpin'
and grindin'. I'm leavin' you tonite.

What's up w/ ya? I haven't been on this thing in a
minute. I've been busy working and getting ready for prom.
Yep, it's next Saturday. I got my dress from alterations.
I'm not really sure about the after prom plans yet, but
whatever happens...happens! Let's see....what else? Oh
yeah, that damn boy. I don't get him. I've never been so
puzzled by a dude...ever! One day, he's cool....the next,
he's not. I just don't understand it. I try to be
nonchalant about the whole thing, but it's hard because the
role is reversed this time. I guess he's the type of dude
who enjoys hanging with his friends....when a female comes
along, then if he wants to be w/ her, then he will....but
if not, then he's with his boys. I don't know. Fuck it! I'm
not suppose to be like this over no Baldwin dude anyway!
Well, I gotta jet....smooches! *MS J*