SuGaR RuSh
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2002-04-12 19:35:12 (UTC)

brit has a dirty crack

hmm....2day was pooie cuz its penis i met marty
last was GREATTTTTTTT!!!!!!! i couldnt find bill
n jay @ the mall..oh well...jay said hes gunna call me in a
few...:) brit has a very dirty crack and she needs 2 wipe
it...lalala....ambers very worried...:( goin
2 a hampster party 2 nite HAHHAHAHA oh its gunna b
buttloads of gf eats her boogers lol oh yaa
i got a post card from mike 2day...lordy..he wrote YOUR
FRIEND on it...i was gunna cry...its sad...guess he got
over me fast...well im out like the fat kid in dodgeball
oh yaaaa my bday is a week 2 day and *nsync is in a week