Insensitive Kitten

Insensitive Kitten
2001-05-24 23:03:46 (UTC)

...suicide note...

I wanted to write something and it turned into a suicide
note/poem....if I ever were to die this would be the note I
left behind.

I want you because I can have you
I need you because I can feel you
I see you because you're not broken
I need your depth in rality
I love you because I'm mistaken
I taste you because I'm awakened
You breathe because I let you
I need you to kill my reality
I hate you because you're forever
Can't forgive you because I am never
Sentimental because you like it
I need you to see my reality
I test you to see your emotion
I pity you because I have none
I test you because you hate it
I need you to love my reality
I mistook you because I was hopefull
I mistook you because I didn't care
I give myself because I'm your disease
I need you to always be here
I drown myself in dirty bath water
I drown myself in your beautiful sin
Because you couldn't be in my world
Because I wouldn't let you in

I wrote that poem thinking of what I do to the people most
important to I take my self hatred out on
them.....they are the people who mean most to me.....

Jen, Sugar, Cira, Mike.....

Blah...ok I'm done

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