HiFiveJesus!Need I say more?
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2002-04-12 17:00:10 (UTC)

Mrs.Potter can go to hell

Hello mr Geo. He is my rather strange math teacher. For the
record this is a journal not a diary. the reason i have
decided to title this Mrs. Potter can go to hell is because
i plan to use no correct gramer or speling. F*** u mrs
David (the other half of the hi five jesus team of David
and Bowie...ha ha ha ha)is planing on breaking into this
journal later.
Yeah I will and youwill be poking Midgets like a madman!
I just want to sayif anyone at all wants toknow about
David and Bowie please ask questions at my journal 1/2n1/2
The Coffee Creamer.
Totally kickin'
i dont know where david came up with the idea for midget
poking but u have to respect the genius that also
introdused killer walking sushi.
dont laugh at me for my bad spelling.
Two peanuts were walkin down the street one was assaulted.
i have to go.

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