lesley's life
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2001-05-24 23:01:56 (UTC)

dont no what day!!!!!

Dear Diary,
well here ago already a keep forgetting all
about you. a dont meen to tho,sorry

well a cant even mind when a last wrote in you but here
ago,av had the shitist two days ever a really am sooo fed
up with life and all a just wanna run away and take
christopher with me but that aint gonna happen everyone is
getting on ma case about everything a wish people would
just leave me alone but no people need to get invoved its
not even the getting involved part that pisses me off a
just wish tey would leave me alone let me do the stuff a
want to be doind at 16 not the stuff they assholes want me
to be doing!!!!

Today a went to the doctors bad idea but a had to go she
says that a had mega high blood preasure and a was to take
things easy then she started asking me if things where ok
at home etc a says yes but really they aint there soooo
fucking pissed off all a want to do is get the fuck outa
here but a aint got nowhere to go a no a could always go
back to ma mums but things sre pnly as bad there also a
dont no what am going to do!!!!!

the only good thing just now is a have christopher back
and hopefully for keepsake and also where going on our
holiday together some time next month cant wait (the way m
thinking and feeling a wont cum fucking back!!!)but a dont
wanna miss/lose christopher am quite in a pissed off mood
tonight dont no why tho cosam quite happy and all but
severly pissed off..............with the fucking arseholes
in ma house

aw well a better stop taking aload of shit a just hope
christopher cxalls me tonight to say nitenite but anyway
nitenite to u
love lesleyxxxxxxx