Sporty Tomboy

2002-04-12 16:46:47 (UTC)


today is the last day before SPRING BREAK. woohoo i cant
wait, its gunna be so kickass.. not having to do a single
thing or stress really yay. i think its time for me to
catch up on my sleep cuz I CAN. well i have to make up all
this stupid work today but when i finally leave after skool
its gunna be like yay a week of nothing just like this
diary entry... well im happy and if your reading this you
must have nothing better to do!! cuz this is pretty
boring.. hmm yes well chris gave me his chain today so i
could tie up logan but i just made it into a leash and
attached it to his belt loopy thingies and pulled him
around haha that was funlike. ummm well people... i had my
junior interview today, and that helped me... how? lol..
just wanted to say THAT THESE ARE STUPID! and i missed
eating good food at lunch for it :( i was supposed to give
logan blue balls too and the fuck you kid and tim and shane
and kasie all wanted me to be there and i felt bad cuz i
do. counselors taking away my lunch period to "help" me
with something that doesnt even help. blah. well im in
computer applications and he gave us these spring break
things we can type it to make look pretty for fun but i
dont want to at all so im here talking about nothing. wow i
feel so boring im sorry. i told mary im feeling a little
tingly in my happy spot today, GO STEVE.. and well she
wrote it in her quote book and then i went and bought milk
to drink even though general told me i would get a stomach
ache :) muahahahah sorry christina *hugs* you know i love
ya!! gimme some bug spray... yeah well i didnt get sick
today probably cuz you guys wouldnt let me CHUG DOWN THE
WHOLE THING yeah i gotta start drinking stuff slower i
guess :-/ *CONFUGGLED LOOK!* i am soooo bored save me from
this misery i still have like 20 minutes of class and i
dont want to be typing to you all forever... damn i type
too fast that sucks. well i want to play rugby at U of R
like my sister did with shibby cuz were going to the same
college cuz well hes my brother and he can do that *holds
chain to her heart* oh yes MOOOOOOOO! thats fun making
animal orgasm noises in the middle of the hall to piss
everyone off, but maybe its just i like the orgasmic noises
or maybe i just love pissing everyone off. who knows only
you or maybe you dont? i dont know tell me later. i love
that saying lataz gataz that jami always says its soooo
cute hehe i love my sis and shes all like look at me im a
cool chica and im like yes! *HUGGLES* well also guess wut i
am missing someone RIGHT NOW bet ya cant think of who huh
huh can ya can ya i think not. well one person knows cuz he
knows i love him :) and ive missed him so much and now i
get to talk to him again and im happy. i shouldnt be a
little girl who was scared of being hated yeah well i just
wanted to say im in love with him cuz im the one here
writing and nobody can stop me *sticks out her tongue
playfully* oh yes, well i do and YAYYYY happiness! he makes
me so happy i tell ya and i feel stupid cuz i dont think
anybody even reads my diary... so why am i sitting here
wasting my time? oh yeah, im bored anyways. lol so im
typing to a big fat nothing, just like sarah always says
fat ugly see through lesbian ummm whatever that means has
anybody else even noticed her obsession with that word
lately LOL were not even going there.. so anyways im
wearing this huge ass sweatshirt and its soooooooooo
comfortable i even got it for free just for subscribing to
this magazine im like SCORE and it keeps me warm cuz im
always cold. so THANX SWEATSHIRT *hugs herself* HOW I LOVE
THEE! damn why cant skool just end i still have about 2
more hours AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! okay well thanks for
hearing that, people hate my screaming especially everyone
in my lunch when chris comes and touches "special spots" i
scream and i scream rape when logan even touches me a
little thats why i am going to chop off his dick. so he
cant rape anymore of my beloved friends, and kasie calls
him a asshole every day which is funny she bitches at him i
love you hooch! hehe i got so many bodyguards i feel loved.
well what else is there to say besides I LOVE ALL MY
PEOPLE!!! *huggies* yay and our class was just talking
about the bands playing during the lunch period and i only
got to hear em for 5 minutes cuz of the stupid interview
but it was 36 ATP and theyre such a awesome band go ppl
they were playing songs like guns and roses and even
enrique inglesias LOL well that was funny but i like their
normal music a lot better cuz i do and they are awesome
band well anyways i really am gunna go now theres like 10
minutes left til the bell and i dont want you all to read
so much crap... yes well goodbye!

***Libbalicious Licky Libby is goneeeeeeeeeee

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