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2002-04-12 15:34:44 (UTC)

Loaded Question

So yea, Zack had to go and ask me a loaded question right
before we got off the phone last night (at a quater to 12)
and I started to answer him, but then my mom started
yelling at me to get off the phone. Needless to say, just
because I got off of the phone, doesn't mean I was able to
sleep. I was up till 2 thinking and writing down an answer
to his question (and I still didn't finish answering his
question). So I'm going to copy what I wrote in here and
then finish answering when I'm done. By the way, the
question he asked was "how many guys have you had?" This
kind of opened a can of worms, and I had trouble answering
him. What I don't understand is how on earth he still likes
me. Even after he's known me for four years, and heard bits
and pieces about this guy and that guy (each time it being
a different guy), I don't know how he still trusts me with
his heart. I'm going to attempt to write down all of them
and a brief description of the relations I've had with each
of them (so I don't sound like a big whore). I've tried
this before, but I always seem to forget one or two of them
(which is really sad, but true). I'll go by years, that
might make it easier to remember them all.

6th grade-
Chris: I "hooked up" with this guy that lived near my aunt.
Even though we never talked, I was still some how
considered his "girlfriend". was just a title, not even a

Summer between 7th & 8th grade-
I met a bunch of guys at a summer camp that I got to every
year. I had this HUGE crush on Josh (Zacks brother), but I
still talked to some of the other guys from his church more
then I talked to him (I annoyed him).

8th grade-
Dominic: I started talking to Dominic (who I met through
Dustain that I met at camp) over the phone when my friend
Melissa hooked up with Dustain. We became pretty good
friends and decided that we wanted the title. I was
his "girlfriend" for about 2 weeks, but then we decided
that it was silly because we were really just friends.
Dustain: OKay, Dustain was really just a friend of mine.
BUt we were "together" for about a day. He decided that it
wasn't right to date his best friend (Dominic's) "ex." Dom
didn't even care because we were just friends. Anyways,
like the day after we "broke up" he had a party for his
birthday. He said he wanted me to come anyways, so I went.
After getting rejected by like five other girls before I
got there (I was a little late), Dustain decided to make a
move on me. I didn't refuse, but I probably should have.
After kissing him (my first kiss) he told his brother that
I was a bad kisser. I spent the rest of the evening crying
in Aaron (his brother's) room. Not a very good experiance.

I have to go get ready for an assembly, but I'll finish
writing this later.