The Life and Troubles of an Orange Peel!
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2002-04-12 15:14:50 (UTC)


well today is friday and it is the last day of school b/c
next week is spring break and then sadly we do have to ome
back to school, but thats ok b/c i get ONE WHOLE WEEK off
of school!!!...oh well there is only 3 days left till my
birthday, sooo if anyone wants to come visit me on my
birthday!..i will most likely be home, or at work either
one i will be there no were else b/c i am just THAT
pathetic so i will be home on my birthday! ummm..nothing
else really has happenend....i go to be outside all
yesterday, but nothin really happened so basically it was
another usual day! umm there really isnt anything to really
write about, so i guess i will go, and the girl that sits
next to me in BABCA is really gross b/c she is all like
ORANGE from tanning ans stuff its nasty!..oh well i am
going to go so ill see yall later
love ya

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